About Us

Mullin Machinery started in early 2003 on Staten Island, NY but grew to 15,100 square feet of crane serviced and temperature controlled commercial space located in Farmingdale, NJ 07727  full of all kinds of toolroom and fabricating machinery- pretty much anything for metal work and a little bit of wood, plastic and misc shop items.  Machinery often comes in a little faster than I can post to the website so call if you do not see what you need.  I have more tooling and parts than I will ever have time to post but I will try to keep a good sampling online.  We are in the MDNA and do our best to ship only carefully inspected and good running machinery.

Exporting machinery is no problem for us as we are about 3/4  hour outside of the Port of Elizabeth and have plenty of experience shipping to Dominican Republic, Equador, Chile, Peru, Honduras, Vietnam, and many other countries.  Call or e-mail for rates.