Amada CSHW-220 Hydraulic Notcher & Coping Machine






Amada CSHW-220 Hydraulic Notcher & Coping Machine

****All original paint***

Blades are sharp.

Comes with rear coping attachment and manuals.

I will update soon with better pictures and video.

Maximum Sheet Thickness 0.236 inches
Strokes Per Minute    Corner notcher

Edge notch



Stroke Length           Corner notcher

Edge notch

1.02 inches

0.94 inches

Notching Dimensions  Corner notcher

Edge notch

8.66 inches x 8.66 inches

1.97 inches x 3.94 inches

Maximum tonnage 27 tons
Hydraulic Pump Motor
3.7 kW
Main Motor 5 HP 230/460 VAC
Oil Pressure 2700 PSI
Oil Tank Capacity 14.5 gallons
Digital readout resolution 0.005 inches
Machine Weight 3,530 pounds