Minster P2-45 SSDC Stamping Press- Rebuilt



Product Description

Minster P-2-45 straight side piece maker double crank punch press

Press was purchased rebuilt with new electric in the mid 1990’s 

Punch press specifications:

×           Press type: P2-45

×           Serial number: P2-45-15829

×           Bolster size L.R.-F.B.: 44-25

×           Stroke/minute: 80-300

×           Tonnage: 45

×           Length of stroke: 2½

×           Slide adjustment: 1

×           Shut height on bed stroke down adjustment up: 15

×           Clutch air pressure for rated tonnage: 60 pounds

×           Inch, bar, continuous

×           Shut height indicator

×           Red Lion batch counter

×           Weldotron Programmable Monitoring Device


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